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Kasur is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. In ancient times, it was just a small settlement with Katcha houses on the northern bank of the older river Beas. According to an estimate Kasur was a big village in 1 AD. In 553 Ad this was occupied by Khaweshgan. In 1020 AD, Kasur was included in the territory of Lahore, which was the capital of the state under Raja Jaipal. When Emperor Baber captured the whole of India in 1526AD, he gave this city to the Afghans as a token of their service towards his victory. During the reign of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, Kasur was glorified and every rich man constructed his own palace in Kasur. In 1830 AD Maharaja Ranjeet Singh captured Kasur and it was under Sikh role by the year 1847 when the British took over control of India.
The city Kasur is famous for its very spicy fish, Kasuri Falooda, sweet dishes "Andrassa and Dhoda (sohan halwa) and Kasuri methi. Apart from that, it is also the birthplace of Noor Jehan, the famous Pakistani singer and actress who gained popularity in the 1950's. It is also famous for saint Baba Bullay Shah whose tomb is in this city. According to some historians, the name Kasur is derived from Kasha war, the same way Lahore is said to be taken from Lahawar.Kush, the son of Ram Chander or Rama, is said to have founded Kasur like his brother Loh  or Lav is said to have founded Lahore. However, some historians opine that Kasur is a Persian word and a plural of “Kasr” or “Qasr”  (meaning palace), which was the name given during the times Kasur was a remarkable colony of Pathans, perhaps the most remarkable on this side of Indus. There is said to be seven tribes of Pathan who settled here sometimesduring the reign of Moghal king Baber but more probably in 1560, during the times of his grandson Akbar. At that time the town is said to have a population of about 3,500. Among the Pathans who settled here were certain Hasanzais, whose descendents became the chiefs of the town and founded a considerable principality, including territory on both banks of the Sutlej River.

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