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                 The MUNICIPAL COMMITTEE, Kasur has arranged the six Sasta Ramzan Bazzars for deliver the economic services for welfare of citizens to give the benefits of general public in four units i.e. City Kasur, Roshan Bheela, Mustafabad, Khudian and Kot Radha Kishan. This is a such event which solved the economical problems for the general public.

       The detail of "Sasta Ramzan Bazzars" are as under: -

          1. Dera Sham Lat Kot Murad Khan City Kasur.

          2. Railway Station City Kasur.

          3. Roshan Bheela, Tehsil Kasur.

          4. Mustafabad Tehsil Kasur.

          5. Khudian Tehsil Kasur.

          6. Kot Radha Kishan Tehsil Kasur.



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